Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mobitel 3G – Set-Up Internet Connection – PC / Laptop

3G broadband internet comes very handy for people who travel. Mobitel is one of the most used wireless (3G/3.5G) internet service providers. Here is how you can set up your computer/laptop to go online using your phone.


  1. ·         Nokia PC Suit - a useful application to manage your phone and its free for download.
  2. ·         Bluetooth connection or cable connection (USB)

Note: Bluetooth connections have limitations in download speeds, but they should not be a problem for Internet connection.


If you have not installed Nokia PC Suite previously you would have to install it first. Then you would have to connect your phone and PC using the USB cable (micro USB) or Bluetooth. Nokia PC Suite should detect the connection and prompt for certain instructions from you.

Then click on the "Connect to Internet". Then you should get the “One Touch Access” wizard.

  • ·         Select Modem : choose your phone from the drop-down list. If your phone is a Nokia 3120 classic, then “Nokia 3120 Classic Bluetooth Modem” or “Nokia 3120 classic USB Modem” should be available. Go to next page.
  • ·         Select Network Operator : here choose “Configure the connection manually”. Click next.
  • ·         Configure the connection manually : AccessPoint : mobitel3g and your finished.

Now you can go online using your phone and mobile 3G connection (which is available with the almost all packages including prepaid).


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